WhatsApp audiosSince their arrival, they have become one of the most used resources within the application. At the same time, users do not always have a record that all these audio files are stored on the device and that can be consulted at any time outside the app.

The messaging platform, owned by Facebook, is characterized by the multimedia material that users send and receive. It is available in the chat because it is stored in the phone memory or on a microSD card, as long as you have one and the equipment supports it.

Now, if the user searches for a particular voice note, they can do so in the cell phone’s storage and even send it by email or share it through other services such as WeTransfer, Google Drive y Slack.

Where are WhatsApp audios stored on Android and iOS

To find voice messages, regardless of the cell phone model, you will have to enter Android File Explorer. It can be entered by the route Settings> Storage> Internal Storage> Browse, and with that you will see the folders saved internally.

There is also the possibility of accessing through My files (Samsung), Files de Google, Records (Motorola) or Files Manger (Xiaomi) that are usually installed by default in cell phones. Another resource is to download any file manager from the Google Play store.

Once in the internal storage of the mobile you will have to scroll down looking for the general folder of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp audios that are sent and received are stored on the Android cell phone. Photo: capture.

Within this category there are a large number of folders, each one dedicated to a specific multimedia content of the app, be it wallpapers, animated GIFs, etc. You just have to find a call WhatsApp voice notes.

It may also be that in Internal Storage that folder is not visible, so if when you open My Files it appears between various categories the Audio, one of the folders will be WhatsApp Audio.

Again sorted by folders, in this section you will find all voice memos sent and received through WhatsApp. If you have been doing it with the same cell phone for many years, you will have a good number of folders. Some may even appear in old codecs like .AAC, and newer ones in .OPUS.

WhatsApp audios on iPhone are not stored automatically. Photo: Shutterstock

To listen to the audio notes outside of WhatsApp, you may need a player that has support for those audio formats.

Among the most popular options are VLC, WhatsApp voice messages and OPUS Player, the latter are among the most versatile since it also has its own file manager to manage, delete, exchange or organize the notes on the mobile.

Moreover, iPhone users can also save or share their audio files from WhatsApp on iOS. For that you must do it from the app itself, since these are not saved by default in an internal folder that you can access.

The first thing to do is enter the chat where the audio file is, and hold it down until the pop-up menu is displayed. In that menu, click on the Forward option that appears with an arrow to the right.




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