The Secretary General of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) made a harsh complaint against the social network of Mark Zuckerberg. Christophe Deloire took the lead in claiming that Facebook allows them to circulate on its platform conspiracy theses or hate messages with his inaction for pure commercial and financial interest.

Deloire explained this Tuesday, in an interview with the EFE agency, why RSF filed a complaint in France against the American social network, which it criticizes breach of commitments to its customers to prevent the spread of false information and hate messages.

“Using expert analysis, personal testimony, and statements from former Facebook employees, RSF’s lawsuit demonstrates that (…) (Facebook) allows misinformation and hate speech to flourish on its network (…) contrary to the claims made in their terms of use and through their advertisements, “said RSF.

“On the part of Facebook,” he pointed out, “what there is is the business interest of the company, financial interest. If not, Facebook would have taken stronger measures, “he added.

He stressed that while the social network presents “extremely strong commitments in the general conditions of use, with communication campaigns in which it says that it fights against misinformation, that it disseminates reliable information”, the reality is different.

“A reality,” he added, “in which conspiracy theses circulate, in which hate messages are massively disseminated, and in particular against journalists“.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) accuses Mark Zuckerberg’s company of failing to prevent the spread of false information and hate messages. Photo: AFP.

Therefore, the head of the organization said that he wanted to send “a signal” so modify how your algorithm works and “restricting the spread of hate and misinformation messages that are now being amplified by Facebook’s business model.”

The procedure opened this Monday before the Paris Prosecutor’s Office, which seeks to open an investigation, is based on a series of reports that show, among other things, that “Facebook is the main focus of conspiracy theories about vaccines” for the francophone public.

In this regard, RSF said that a court ruling against Facebook in France would have a potential for global impact, adding that it was considering filing similar lawsuits in other countries.

The organization added that the lawsuit affects Facebook France and Facebook Ireland and is based on the French Consumer Code, according to which companies that use deceptive business practices can be sanctioned with fines of up to 10% of the average annual turnover.

On the other hand, Deloire believes that, beyond the legal risk that the company may face with a potential conviction, it exposes itself to a risk to its reputation.

Because “this complaint also allows us to publicly demonstrate the gap and even the complete contradiction between Facebook’s commitments and the reality of how the algorithm works.”

The secretary general stressed that it is not enough to stay here, and that in addition to demanding that the existing norms be applied, “we must invent the responsibility of the platforms”, since the right of democracies conceived in the past does not work for the new digital reality.

That is why RSF launched an initiative on information and democracy in which 42 states from all over the world are involved, with which it is intended to make concrete recommendations.

With information from EFE



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