Based on the same model of esports, Microsoft is organizing a revolutionary tournament of Excel. In this competition it is not necessary to annihilate the rival to win but to show who knows how to use the program better, in an international competition called Financial Modeling World Cup (FMWC).

The idea of ​​this financial battle is to bring together the Excel experts to solve all kinds of problems using the famous spreadsheet.

It is important to make it clear that this competition has been around for years. Nevertheless, the 2021 edition made more noise by broadcasting the world championship live.

It is a dispute where the strongest financial modeling prevails. The title was contested by eight participants from eight different countries competing against each other in knockout rounds.

The Financial Modeling World Cup crowned Michael Jarman, representative of Canada, who won the title with a total of 700 accumulated points.

The format of the competition was very simple. Excel athletes had 40 minutes to solve a problem and to do so, they had to create a financial model and then explain in front of a committee / jury the details of the solution.

“You have the opportunity to sit in a front row seat and see how they build the models that have earned them the top positions. After the battle, we will make sure to share financial models with viewers“Said the organizers.

The final battle

The competition in question happened yesterday and among the hosts were Adam Callens, Microsoft’s senior manager and Excel teacher, according to the description, and also Danielle Stein Fairhurst, author and financial modeling expert.

The tournament was open and handed out $ 20,000 in prizes. The season began to play in 2021 and included 12 events in total, that will close next December.

It is sponsored by Microsoft and it was broadcast live on YouTube and was divided into two sessions, Friday to Saturday and Sunday to Monday.

The eight finalists of the tournament that distributes $ 20,000 in prizes, of which Michael Jarman was the winner.

Anyone could participate, paying a registration fee of 10 or 15 dollars. Many of the participants simply seek to improve their knowledge, since the financial models to be developed are quite complex and registrants receive the correct solution and can compare models with the rest.

For the future, the organizers hope that the tournament be more spectator friendly. Until now, the interest is mainly among people who are assiduous to financial modeling, but that could change in the future.

“Ideally, the best financial modelers will become TV stars and the competition will air in prime time with millions of viewers”Says Andrew Grigolyunovich, creator of the tournament.

What many question is that everything can be transformed into a digital sport. However, for years it has been possible to find Excel speedruns on YouTube where you try to complete tasks as quickly as possible.




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