His journey with Barcelona is merely six months on paper. Bar এইa haven’t won a title during a short time as coach. Former Bar্সa coach Kike Setien has suffered a humiliating defeat to Bayern Munich. He had to be fired after six months.

However, during this six-month journey, Setien has had some experiences. Knows the within and out of doors of the club. one among the lifebloods of the team also need to know Lionel Messi anew. the previous Barাa coach has opened his mouth about all this.

The former coach has given new information about Messi. “It’s hard to handle Bar বারa captain Lionel Messi,” said Setien. He cannot be criticized due to his stardom everywhere the planet .

Kike Setien took over after Valvarde was fired in January this year. The responsibility for the sinking against Bayern rests on his shoulders. But despite all the pressure, he didn’t say anything against his own club Barcelona.

However, during a recent interview, the previous Bar্সa coach spoke about these issues. Where most of the talk was about Lionel Messi.

“Messi says tons less,” Setien said. it’s far more difficult to handle him. Messi is that the best player of all time. Many legendary players have come to football. But nobody has been ready to keep his form like Messi for therefore long, which is what Messi is consistently showing.

He added, ‘Who am I to exchange Messi? Barcelona have accepted him during this way for years. there’s no doubt of trying to vary him. Many aspects of Messi are difficult to handle. Messi speaks little or no , but he does exactly what he wants.

Setien was burned 6-2 by Bayern before leaving. However, even after such a failure, Setien thinks the interest of the club is big. the previous Bar বারa coach insisted on keeping the club’s interests intact.


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