LG Electronics announced on Monday the closure of the smartphone business unit after several years of losses, a decision that will not affect the support of cell phones that Argentine users have bought of the South Korean brand.

This change means that the company stop manufacturing or put up for sale new cell phone models: But what will happen to those who recently bought one of their phones in the country?

At the user level, the South Korean technology company brought some peace of mind by ensuring in a statement that the current inventory of phones will remain available for sale.

What’s more, the service support, warranties and software updates for customers will be guaranteed for a period of time that will vary by region.

LG models that recently went on sale have their warranty and technical support guaranteed. Photo: Reuters

“LG will collaborate with its suppliers and business partners during the closing of the mobile phone business. Details regarding employment will be determined locally,” the statement added.

LG cell phones in Argentina

The forecasts of the South Korean technology company for the local market in terms of cell phones will be maintained until the first half of 2022 inclusive.

Meanwhile, the launches planned for 2021 will follow the established schedule: both the LG K61 y el LG K41S arriving in the coming weeks to complete the new K Series as the models LG K42, LG K52, LG K62 y LG K71 that will arrive in the second semester of the year.

K61, K51S and K41S, the new low-end devices from LG.

The liquidation of the mobile phone business is expected to conclude on July 31, although inventory for some existing models may continue to be available after that date.

A future far from cell phones

LG’s strategic decision to exit the mobile phone sector will allow the company to focus its resources on other areas technological.

As they had expressed beginning of the year, expectations will be centered on electric vehicles, connected devices, smart homes, robotics, artificial intelligence and business-to-business solutions, as well as platforms and services.

Going forward, LG will continue to leverage its experience in mobile telephony and develop mobility-related technologies, such as 6G, to help strengthen competitiveness in other business areas.

The core technologies developed during the two decades of LG mobile business operations will also be maintained and applied to existing and future products.




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