Streaming platforms allow you to watch series and movies from the phone or television in high definition. However, to enjoy the label 4K that many teams wear, it is necessary that the connection accompanies and have the right plan.

It is likely that when one is about to see that series that the streaming platform promotes in Ultra HD, many are disappointed, because the images are very compressed and it does not look as good as expected.

The rule states that, how much more resolution has a series chapter or a movie, the larger the file size and the greater bandwidth will be required for it to be viewed in full screen.

According to Netflix, it is advisable not to suffer from shocks, interruption or image freezing, is to have 25 Megabits per second (Mbps), which is the intermediate level offered in the country.

The recommended by Netflix is ​​25 Mbps of connection. Noblex

As the level of the connection drops – be it because there are many devices connected to the same network or because it was entered during peak hours – the system adjusts the quality to achieve a balance.

Another point to keep in mind is that, according at the rate that one pays, Netflix and the other competitors like Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, HBO Max offer different resolutions.

Only SD is enabled with the basic plan, which is DVD quality 720 by 576 pixels. With the standard one arrives at HD (1,920 by 1,080 pixels). Alone premium plan achieves 4K (3,840 by 2,160 pixels).

To know the real speed, not the one that appears in the plan that one has contracted, Netflix made Fast (, a page of the company itself to test the internet speed.

Once you have done the different tests, will display the result on the screen, without any other comment. If the number is a little less than the speed that one has contracted (a difference no greater than 20 Mbps), then there is no problem.

Super fast

If what you are looking for is a comprehensive test, which considers speed, latency and responsiveness, SpeedTest just released its version for Android, which allows to have a complete diagnosis of the network to which the mobile is connected.

This software is one of the best options to know what is the maximum download and upload speed, loading times and buffering, latency and based on these parameters, indicate the maximum resolution that it can support.

Resolution scale.

With these data it is possible to know the approximate maximum quality that can be streamed. That is, about 3 Mb / s to view content in SD (720p); about 5 Mb / s for streaming in HD (1080p); about 25 Mb / s for content in UHD (4K).

The program also offers a speed test applied to the video that it carries out with streaming of its own content. processed with different codecs and resolutions.

Once this step is completed, it will report the maximum quality of the network. If Speedtest points out that is suitable for 2,160p you will have access to 4K resolution. Therefore, lower resolutions are also included.




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