Google follows in the footsteps of one of its main rivals in the mobile device and accessories industry, such as Apple, with the opening of its first physical store in New York City, United States.

The new experience store will be located in Chelsea, as part of Google’s campus in that residential neighborhood, whose company headquarters are already in the Big Apple.

As advanced by the site The Verge, The Google Store will display and sell a variety of products from its technology ecosystem, such as Pixel phones, Nest smart home devices, Fitbit smartwatch, Pixelbooks and more.

Customers will also be able to order products through Google’s online stores and collect them in person at the physical location of the Google Store.

Google experimented with small pop-up stores and posts before to sell their wares, but today’s store announcement marks a much more serious commitment to establishing a retail space.

A store to test Google products

Everything indicates that the physical premises will be influenced by the traditional Apple Store, from which it seems that Google will borrow a lot beyond its spirit.

Like an Apple Store, the new Google Store show how Google products work together, will offer in-store experts to help troubleshoot and configure settings.

They will also work on repairs and even offer hands-on workshops to get the most out of Google products and services. .

Google’s experience venues will be influenced by the Apple Stores. Photo: AFP.

Google also notes that while the new store will allow customers to test its hardware, it will continue to take precautions due to the Covid-19 pandemic ongoing when the store launches.

Measurements include limit the number of clients, clean the store regularly, and require guests to wear masks, socialize, and use hand sanitizer when in the store.

It only remains to know if Google has yet to announce whether it will expand beyond the single location, but presumably, if successful, the Chelsea store may be the first of many at least in America.

Google Pixel 6

On the other hand, Mountain View technology works on its next family of cell phones, Pixel 6, which will show a new design that will differentiate it aesthetically from previous versions, and will introduce an improved camera to capture different skin tones.

The Pixel 6 family will have a new design in two shades differentiated into stripes and separated by module, horizontally, of the main camera, and will incorporate a curved screen, at least in a Pro model, as highlighted on the XDA Developers site.

The Google Pixel 6 images leaked by tweeter OnLeaks. Photo: OnLeaks.

The images, shared by OnLeaks, show a device with a matte white back, with two well-differentiated stripes at the top: the camera, which occupies the entire width of the mobile horizontally, and another in a striking orange hue. .

The camera will have a triple lens system and has been specifically designed to better capture different skin tones, especially darker ones, as confirmed by Google at Google I / O 2021.

For its part, the screen will completely reduce the presence of frames and bet on a hole in the screen to locate the front lens. It will also have a curved design around the edges. And on the right side, the power and volume buttons.




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