Appearing as a guest on the American comedy show Saturday Night Live, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, revealed that have Asperger syndrome and he spoke again about the cryptocurrency dogecoin.

In his opening monologue on the traditional show, the billionaire boasted of being the first person with this syndrome to be invited to SNL. “Or at least the first to admit it,” she said..

“I know I’ve said or posted weird things, but it’s just the way my brain works. To anyone I’ve offended I just want to say: I reinvented electric cars and I’m sending people to Mars in a rocket,” he said. “Did you think he was going to be a laid back and normal guy too?”.

On SNL, Musk made jokes about himself: from his tweets to his son’s unusual name. But also, as a great promoter of cryptocurrencies, he praised dogecoin without qualms.

Elon Musk, con la cantante Miley Cyrus.

Pressured to say exactly what this cryptocurrency was, the billionaire described it as “an unstoppable vehicle that is going to take over the world”. To later add that it really is a mess.

Then, for the second time this week, Musk changed the price of the currency, which dropped as much as 49 cents during the show’s broadcast, when shortly before it was at 74 cents, according to CoinDesk.

During the show, SNL actors wondered why the billionaire would have wanted to join them on set.

And in a segment about the Chinese rocket re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere at the same time the show aired, they concluded that the space entrepreneur “I needed an alibi”.

After the show, the tycoon highlighted on Twitter “Wario”, one of the skits in which he participated, saying that it was his “favorite”.

This weekend’s was the first edition of Saturday Night Live to be broadcasts live to 100 countries around the world.

Asperger syndrome

According to the World Health Organization, this syndrome is considered within the autism spectrum disorders (ASD), “a group of complex disorders of brain development.”

These disorders are characterized “by difficulties in communication and social interaction and by a restricted and repetitive repertoire of interests and activities”, indicates the WHO.

“One of the characteristics that stands out among people with Asperger’s is the development of extremely restricted interests, about which they acquire enormous knowledge and knowledge“explained the psychoanalyst Florencia Casabella.

“It is interesting to observe that many of the ‘eccentricities’ and behaviors that were attributed to (Fischer), today, with the new psychoanalytic perspectives and also the multiple and varied psychological autopsies to which his history has been subjected, coincide in that Fischer’s personality in the form of Asperger’s syndrome, “he added.



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