CEOs of large technology firms rarely have an exclusive dialogue with a journalist. But when they do, they don’t leave any topic off the agenda. This is what happened with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, who this week gave an interview to a podcast of the newspaper The New York Times.

Among the issues addressed by the manager stands out the recent conflict with Facebook, the plans it has in the automotive industry, the commitment to augmented reality (RA) and the privacy policies of your store.

The talk began at the end: since he has been with the company for 23 years and is about to turn 60, he was consulted about how far he was from retirement.

“I feel great right now. There is no date in sight, ”he commented firmly. And held that plan to spend at least ten more years with the company.

Aug>Augmented reality

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The iPhone is a key piece for augmented reality. Photo: EFE

According to Cook, Apple is working on the arrival of new functions to augmented reality (AR) technology, and among them is the possibility of enhance conversations with additional information such as graphics, something that will be developed in the new iPhone.

The businessman acknowledged that the RA has “critical to Apple’s future“in response to a question from the interviewer, journalist Kara Swisher.

The CEO of Apple, who has been “very excited” by both AR and artificial intelligence, assured that the conversations could improve “if they could be augmented with graphics and other elements that appeared“.

The US executive in fact stated that he already sees “RA take off in several areas with the use of the iPhone”, such as health, education, video games and retail. “I think the promise is even greater in the future,” he said.

Apple is currently working on developing its first virtual reality headset model, which could arrive in 2022, according to Bloomberg.

The new device will inaugurate a new product category in the most ambitious company, as a precursor to AR lenses.

App>Apple Car

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Cook acknowledged that the company is interested in the electric vehicle sector. AP Photo / Kathy Willens

In recent months there was a wave of rumors about the Apple Car. When asked by the journalist, with some discomfort, Cook highlighted the enormous interest of the company in this regard, but did not say anything concrete.

Of course, the CEO of Apple has made it clear that He has never spoken to Elon Musk about this issue..

However, it hinted at Apple’s possible foray into the electric and self-driving vehicle business, and has acknowledged feeling “great admiration and respect” for Tesla.

“There are many things that can be done with autonomous driving and we will see what Apple does,” he said.

However, the US executive wanted to make it clear that Apple he investigates many things internally and some do not end up coming out.

“We love to integrate hardware, software and services and find the intersection points of them because we believe that is where the magic happens. And that’s what we love to do, ”he suggested.

Against>Against Facebook


Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook, in dispute. Photo EFE / AFP

The Apple leader also spoke about the controversial function, called App tracking transparency (App Tracking Transparency or ATT), which will alert users when their data is being tracked in an application and allow them to opt out.

This feature, which personalizes ads in apps, sparked Facebook’s anger. The social media company argues that the update could destroy part of its business, since its implementation could affect its results in the first quarter of 2021.

During Facebook’s latest round of results, Zuckerberg named it “one of our biggest competitors” as Apple increasingly relies on services to drive its business.

The strict security policies of its App Store put the industry in check. AP Photo / Patrick Semansk

Although Cook tried to relativize this rivalry: “It’s true, I think we compete in some things. But no, if I can ask who our biggest competitors are, they would not appear on the list. We are not in the business of social media“, he sentenced.

Privacy>Privacy Policy

CEO of Apple also defended the privacy policies of the company and specifically of the App Store, after this platform applications such as Fortnite were eliminated due to the introduction of a third-party payment system, or video game streaming services such as Xbox’s xCloud and Nvidia’s GeForce Now for not being able to moderate video games one by one.

“The applications we use every day can collect information. There is not enough private or personal information so that it is not collected. We are not the customer, we are the product. With the entry into force of ATT we will be able to choose, “he acknowledged.

Apple’s pulse didn’t tremble when faced with Fortnite. Chris DELMAS / AFP)

Cook has highlighted the importance of maintaining a single store, the App Store, because if there is lateral loading of applications, then the privacy and security model would be violated.

“The apps we use every day contain an average of six trackers. This code often exists to monitor and identify users in apps; that is, to observe and record what they do in them, ”Cook said.



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