In a year full of announcements, Apple has everything ready for this Monday to reveal its news at the global developer conference World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), in which it will present new versions of operating systems: macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and tvOS.

In the previous days rumors began to circulate that point to new physical devices, which could be new MacBook Pro models, with a new design compared to the last generation and, of course, with new Apple Silicon processors either with a variant of the first chip of this series M1, which showed astonishing capabilities in the first computers (and the iPad Pro) to incorporate it, or with the next in the series, the M2.

In Apple calls there are always symbols and hidden clues that refer to what is going to be presented.

Apple WWDC 2021: MacBook, Augmented Reality Glasses and More

For example, in the last one he sent to the media there are three faces (memojis) that are amazed at what they see on the screen. The lenses of one of them reflect three lines of programming code that contain the word true and the number of three emojis: the knife and fork, the sleeping and the MacBook.

The three symbols can be clear clues from Apple that there will be something of all of that in the presentation. In that line, it would be logical that something like a nutrition app and a sleep quality app and those MacBook Pro models about which there are some more clues.

In addition to the world’s leading Apple leakers, Mark Gurman, from the Bloomberg agency, and Jon Prosser, from FPT, anticipated by announcing that they expect new line of Mac notebooks in the near future.

Apple holds the 1983 Worldwide Developers Conference annually. Photo: Bloomberg.

As if that were not enough, a rumor around battery specifications coming from the Chinese regulator of electronic products points to two new Apple computers that would have screens of 14 and 16 inches respectively. So all roads seem to point to the Pro range notebooks.

Those new MacBook Pro, with a chip derived from the M1 or an M2 directly, would also have a flat design in the same line opened by the iPhone 12, iPad Pro and Air and the new iMac.

Apple’s work laptops would recover features removed in previous generations and would eliminate some of the new ones. What is expected is that they carry four USB-C ports, an HDMI connector, an SD card reader and a MagSafe magnetic charging connector. The TouchBar, the animated bar with icons and functions that vary according to the app, would disappear.

More difficult, but not impossible, is another of the great speculations of recent months, Apple’s glasses, presumably called Apple Glasses.

Apple’s augmented reality glasses could appear for the first time at WWDC 2021. Photo: REUTERS.

There are very few leaks and evidence in this regard, but the Cupertino company has one of its focuses on the augmented reality, in which it had a great development, and the lenses could be a new category of product that, in the long run, replaces a good part of those that now exist.

For example, such a viewer could allow work with a virtual computer, in the cloud, anywhere, without the need to transport it, and cover many functions of a phone without having it.

In the broad section of operating systems, a recent job offer published on the Apple website discovered a new one that was not publicly known. Is named homeOS And, as the name suggests, it would be software for home devices. Could be featured at WWDC, though it is also possible that it is a long-term project that does not have to see the light now.

The presentation will start at 7:00 p.m. and will be completely virtual, recorded at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, Apple Park. As it is a conference for developers for the whole week, they will obtain in the presentation the main lines of the new operating systems and during several days they will be able to attend numerous activities on technical aspects in which they can ask questions.

Of the novelties of the operating systems there are few clues. The main debate these days is what will be called the new operating system for Mac that will replace Big Sur, and that in recent years has taken the name of charismatic places in California. As Apple has recorded Mammoth and Monterey lately, speculation these days is pointing to those names.

WWDC also has social aspects, such as the invitation to 350 students from 35 countries who have participated in the Swift Student Challenge program, who will be able to participate in the conference after being chosen for their work in the development of Swift apps, the programming language. Apple, in addition to the awards that will be given to the best apps of the year in various categories.




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